The magic of My Townland began with Ciara Connolly, our founder, from Middletown, County Armagh. 

Ciara has always been passionate about Ireland, it’s history and the things that make this country entirely unique. She has an incredible appreciation for what we call “real Ireland” in all it’s rugged beauty. It was a few years ago now, that this passion for rural, rustic Ireland blossomed into a business idea.


Grannys Home
Grannys Home


Ciara’s grandmother was a storyteller. A woman with a wealth of knowledge on the local area, a local history aficionado and someone who gave Ciara and her family an incredible insight into an Ireland gone by. Ciara was incredibly inspired by her grandmother’s connection to the landscape, the local community and the townland she lived in most of her life and was eager to gift her with a print of the place she loved so well.

Much to Ciara’s dismay, she couldn’t source one. 

And so, My Townland was born.

Ciara in Carricklane
Ciara as a child in Carricklane

Sunset in Carricklane
Sunset in Carricklane

“I cannot describe the connection I feel to my townland. It's where my Granny lived, it’s where I was brought up, where my mother lived, where aunts and uncles live. It’s knowing most of your family are a stone's throw away. It’s your favourite stretch of road and putting your hand up to everyone that drives by. It’s the place where someone notices when you are no longer there....It’s home.”

Ciara Connolly, My Townland, Founder.



The townland is the smallest officially recognised geographical unit and incredibly, they are unique to our island. Throughout history, townlands were of utmost importance, however with the modern era, the digital age and the introduction of the post code, the townland is beginning to lose it’s weight. Thankfully, most of Ireland’s townlands are mapped and recorded due to the incredible work carried out by townlands.ie and Open Street Maps.

Aside from this geographical significance, a townland means so much more to both the Irish people living within them, and Irish diaspora that long to be home to their roots.

It’s the place that you and your family call home.

It’s the land that your ancestors walked on and called their own.

It’s small traditions and customs that create an awe-inspiring culture

It’s support from your community.

It's a sanctuary when you need it most.

It’s a sense of comfort you cannot reach anywhere else.

It’s a place to experience the ups and downs of life with the community and land that shaped you.

It’s connection, it’s history, it’s hope, it’s joy.

It’s your townland. It’s home.

Let’s put it back on the map.

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