My Townland

More than just a location

My enables you to turn your townland into a meaningful unique and personalised map print created by you.

Your townland is a place to be celebrated. Where the rugged Irish landscape meets the warmth of your community, there’s nothing quite like the place you call home. 

Here at My Townland, we’re passionate about real people, real memories and real Ireland.

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Here at My Townland, we’re inspired by the small things that make Ireland special.

The nods from familiar faces as you walk down a small country road. The shopkeeper knowing you and your entire family by their first name. The stories from older members of the family reminiscing of a time gone by and the tears of joy and laughter shared over endless cups of tea.

Tell your story. Celebrate your Ancestry.

Love where you’re from with mytownland


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07 August 2023


The Celtic festival marking the beginning of the harvest season and is the Gaelic name for August.

Whats with all the Ballys

09 May 2023

It feels like you can’t travel a few miles through Ireland before you come across a placename beginning with ‘Bally…’. It’s so common that even the infamous ‘Aisling’ books by Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen are set in the fictional Irish town of Ballygobbard. Ever wondered why it’s so popular?

Q and A with Michael Londra

06 December 2022

A few weeks ago I got in contact with the amazing tenor and host of the hit USA tv show Ireland with Michael, Michael Londra, to ask him all about what his townland means to him. Here is a few of his answers